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Created by comic artists Tom Eglington and Boo Cook, who have worked on Judge Dredd for 2000AD, along with Phil Buckenham, whose work includes graphic novels for Heavy Metal magazine.

Edition #1: Across the vastness of space and time, the Earth's desperate cries were intercepted by Henge's interstellar audio receptors, and they had no choice but to respond!

Edtion #2: The second instalment sees HENGE continue to battle the evil Urshto and his forces of misery - while revealing some of the trauma that amphibious drummer NOM endured as a child.

Edition #3: OUT NOW! - In Episode 2, the unspeakable Urshto lured HENGE into his diabolical mind maze, where he unleashed their deepest fears. Despite HENGE’s valiant struggle, Urshto triumphed, seizing the precious sacred plasma. His nefarious plan? To Unleash the twisted forces of ignorance and greed on Earth’s fragile ecosystem. Defeated but undeterred, HENGE must rally and rediscover their mojo. Now is the time for Henge to Fight Back! Buy now and receive your comic in the post on or shortly after 2nd October.

Printed in full colour on silk paper in the UK. Size - 157mm x 240mm.

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